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Title: Strength
Fandom/Pairing: Bleach, Ukitake/Hisagi
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None really
A/N: I attribute this little ditty to Liralen Li of AdultFanFiction.net. That writer put the pairing into my head and now they refuse to leave. Fills the bondage (held down) square of kink-bingo's April challenge.

Long white strands fell down around his head as the older man slowly kissed his way over Hisagi face. The vice-captain tried to wiggle under the slender body, but the firm grip around his wrists didn't budge even a fraction. Warmth spread through his body from where soft hands pushed his arms into the mattress above his head, the weight of the captain's power keeping the younger man pinned in place. Tilting his head back to give Ukitake better access, Hisagi moaned softly as warm lips painted a lazy pattern across heated skin and the choker.
Naked skin arching into his own, Ukitake couldn't help but to grind into the toned body beneath him.
"Fight me, vice-captain. Let me feel your strength." The whisper held a hard edge of command, making Hisagi growl.
It was always like that. Ukitake would usher a command, knowing that Hisagi would refuse. Their relationship wasn't built on commands and submission. The vice-captain would try to buck the captain off, lust and need rising higher and higher at the hard body keeping him pinned. The captain would force the younger man into the mattress, sweat slicked resistance fueling both their arousals to the breaking point. Then the white haired captain would back off, just enough for Hisagi to gain leverage, before pushing back again, reinforcing his superior strength.
Ukitake gently bit and kissed his way down a collarbone, acutely aware of the arms twitching in his grip, the chest pushing up against his own.
"You are my commander everyday, captain." The deep growl sent shivers across Ukitake's limbs and made him bite a little harder on the naked shoulder. "N-not...shit...not here, though."
"Are you sure about that, Hisagi-san?" Ukitake smiled against the younger man's skin, an open mouthed kiss pressed against the mark left by his teeth. There would be a bruise there for days, both of them knowing it.
"It's not...part of the agreement...oh, that's nice."
Scooting up a bit, Ukitake rose up on his knees, hips breaking the contact with the younger body, and slowly relaxed as much as he could. Staring up into dark brown eyes, Hisagi paused in the struggles, muscles quaking in need and tension. One hand left the vice-captain's wrist to snatch a vial of lube from next to Shuuhei's head. After quickly spreading some over the younger man's cock, the captain slowly sunk down, taking the whole length in one agonizingly slow slide. Hisagi threw his head to the side, a haze blurring his vision as he stared at the hand once again holding his arm down.
Quick pants ripped from Jyuushiro's throat as he was fully seated on the younger man's hips. His head bent and eyes closed, he waited for the burn to ebb away, and as the younger man started groaning, hips twitching, he rose up just as slowly, hissing at the stretching feeling. A few slow rolling of his hips, the length inside him brushing against his prostated and Ukitake threw his head back in release, a soft whine breaking the tension.
Feeling the muscles around him clamp down, Hisagi broke the grip around his wrists, and with his hands on the older man's hips, thrusted up half a dozen times before collapsing back against the bed, spine bending in a perfect arch, hands gripping the headboard hard enough to make the wood protest as his orgasm slammed into him.
A shifting weight ontop of him brought the vice-captain down from his high, arms embracing the smaller body, fingers twining in silver hair. A quiet hiss ghosted over his skin as Ukitake lifted off his softening cock, then strong legs wrapped around his own, warm breath tickling the hairs on his neck as the captain slung an arm over Hisagi's chest.


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