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Birthdate:Nov 30

O truant Muse what shall be thy amends
For thy neglect of truth in beauty dyed?
Both truth and beauty on my love depends;
So dost thou too, and therein dignified.
Make answer Muse: wilt thou not haply say,
'Truth needs no colour, with his colour fixed;
Beauty no pencil, beauty's truth to lay;
But best is best, if never intermixed'?
Because he needs no praise, wilt thou be dumb?
Excuse not silence so, for't lies in thee
To make him much outlive a gilded tomb
And to be praised of ages yet to be.
Then do thy office, Muse; I teach thee how
To make him seem, long hence, as he shows now.

~ Sonnet 101 by William Shakespeare

WARNING: Sexually Explicit Content.
This Website contains explicit fictional sexual material which may be offensive to some viewers. Don't like it, don't read it!

I am weird, I am perverted. I will talk about a lot of things that might irk most people. You have been warned.

So, I have a quite healthy obsession with vampires, demons, and other supernatural things, along with Shakespeare, Dark-Hunters, etc...
I will change topics at random and I don't pretend that everything I say makes sense to anyone but me.

I'm illogical, impatient, random, impulsive, and can turn bitchy at the drop of a hat. You have been warned. But usually I try to be your calm, collected everyday psycho girl.

Please let me know if you friend me.


Stereotype-buffs would say I'm bisexual. Me, I say I'm beautysexual. If I find you attractive, I find you attractive. End of story.
I've never felt the need to "come out", since it feels like I'm seeking forgiveness for being who I am. I am not asking forgiveness about the person I am.
I'm not straight. I'm definately not vanilla. I'm just me. I hope we can become friends.
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