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We were told to make a book review/report and send it in so I did. I also wanted to post it here, because hey what the hell not?

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Ha! For once I'm out in good time. I hope you like it, because I had such a good time writing it. It's not long but it shows everything I wanted out of it.

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Ok, late again. XP.

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Ok, this will be an on going thing for the coming week. Those who know me know that my poetry tend to lean to the depressive side, so deal with it. I don't write mushy, happy-go-lucky, lovey-dovey stuff. I can't, because that would be mockery. There are some surprises, though, so don't count me out yet.

Don't like it, don't read it (like anyone would, except those who already know me.)


Jul. 31st, 2008 10:27 am
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Here's the first part of my second writing assignment

Queek and Possum
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So, we were told to write a short story of approximately 2500-5000 words. Mine is about 2300 words, but I didn't feel I could stretch any longer without overworking it and making it too boring to read.
I hope you like it.

Italics indicates past tense.

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I hope the layout won't be confusing, but I wanted to keep all my school assignments in one post. Just click on the links for each piece of writing. If it gets to be too confusing, just drop me a line sying so.

Assignment 1 )

My short story

Assignment 2 part 1. Sewer rat and Opossum )

Assignment 2 Part 2. Hybris in human form. )


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