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Title: Stillness
Fandom/Pairing: Bleach, Yoruichi/Uruhara
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Holds some mentions of facts that might be spoilery, just a heads up.
A/N: Fills the April kink-bingo mini-challenge square for Gags. I just love this pairing, so please bear with me.

His knees started aching, a somewhat numb reminder that they had been supporting his body's weight for what seemed like hours. Yoruichi was watching him, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips, a challenge burning in the amber eyes.
"You can't stand not talking or touching, can you, Kisuke?"
He had to bite his tongue to keep from replying, lips twitching into a silent snarl. Swallowing again around the burning in his chest, Urahara Kisuke looked up at the naked woman taunting him and he had to curl his hands into tight fists on his thighs to not pounce her. Legs that seemed to go on forever, one resting on the other, connected with well shaped hips, the dark skin making his mouth water as he remembered the taste of sweat, the scent of her arousal.
His right hand started shaking slightly and when she licked her lips, his back recoiled just a fraction, gaze quickly moving from Yoruichi's body to the floor. Kisuke drew in breath in harsh pants, a familiar stinging in his eyes, his teeth rattling together as if he was cold. He was so hard he was hurting, a pleading forming somewhere in the back of his mind. Rethinking his strategy, he quickly went through everything he knew about his former captain, and felt his lips quirk in their usual secretive smile. So, he'd loose this challenge, but he'd win in the end anyway, breaking the feline woman's composure. Grin turning mischievous, Kisuke rolled onto his back, stretching his limbs out as taught as he could, his shoulders and knees popping gratefully.
"What do you think you are doing, Kisuke?"
He could hear the curiosity in the question and turned his head to the side to watch her, one hand trailing down, slowly, to his straining erection. Her eyes followed his movement, over a lean, fit body, fingers playing with a nipple, the other raking down over taught abs. He closed one hand around his cock and his back arched, head thrown back and his eyes closing. The touch burned through him and it was a struggle to not move, to not jack off hard and fast.
"Oh, demons of hell and fire..." The words were barely audible, but he knew she could hear them.
"Hah! You lose."
He groaned at Yoruichi's triumphant outburst and gasped as his hand was swatted away from his body. Opening his eyes, he barely had time to register the white material before it was wedged between his teeth and tied securely by his ear.
"Now, don't move, or you can take care of yourself." He tried to make a sound of protest, but the material in his mouth prevented any sound louder than a groan.
The gag was soft, almost insanely so, and long enough to tickle his pecs with one end. Somewhere in the back of his mind was the notion that he knew what it was and who it belonged to, but at the present, he was more concerned with the wonderful feeling of it muting the sounds he was making, preventing him from talking.
Then Yoruichi's lips gently caressed his neck, a soft tongue lapping just below his ear and fire was burning through his nerves. Flatening his hands against the tatami mats, his eyes half closed in pleasure, he just looked up at Yoruichi's flowing purple hair as she slowly moved down his body, kissing, licking and nipping as she went. Slowly, ever so slowly, she covered every inch of his muscled chest and abs, gently biting the insides of his upper arms. He was shaking when she reached his belly button, sweat forming from the strain of not moving. The fabric between hes teeth made a satisfying creaking when he bit down over it, his pleading not making it past the fine threads. The pressure on his tongue only made him burn hotter, a faint scent of something wafting through his senses as he pushed the fabric to the top of his mouth.
Pleading eyes fixed on the woman between his legs, tears of arousal burning in his eyes, and with a last nip just above his pubic hairs, Yoruichi grinned and move back up to lick at the edges of the gag. She took one of his shaking hands and guided it to her sex. Taking the hint, Kisuke pushed two fingers inside, thumb gently rubbing over her clit.
"Bring me off, Kisuke." The half-groaned words nearly sent him over the edge, and he redoubled his efforts, his free hand coming up to steady her. Applying everything he had learned about his lover over the years, Kisuke felt his hips hitch at the mewling sounds Yoruichi was making, louder as she neared orgasm, then completely silent as she curled in on herself, her insides clenching around his fingers.
Frowning, he felt the first tears of frustration roll down into the soft fabric against his cheek and he shouted into the gag as his cock slipped effortlessly into her tight cunt. Her body just barely weighing down his hips, she leaned forward and licked his nipple, a whimper reverberating in his throat.
"Move, Kisuke."
Growling, he grabbed her hips and planted his feet flat against the floor for leverage, body thrusting hard against Yoruichi's. Tension was riding so high, his release so close to the surface, that it only took a few thrusts and light exploded in his head, the world turning white, then fading to black.
Gentle fingers against his face made him open his eyes and Kisuke just smiled lazily when he felt Yoruichi remove the fabric from his face. Jaws aching slightly, he couldn't be bothered to do more than twitch as she trailed the soft, white...wait...scarf...?...over his front. Suddenly the scent from earlier returned and Kisuke recognized it as pine, rosemary soap, and green tea.
"Hmm?" Her voice sounded as pleased and relaxed as he felt, yet there was a smiling hint to it, that he wasn't entirely sure he liked.
"Is that Byakuya-san's scarf?"
The giggles definately didn't make him more at ease, and suddenly the situation grew to be too funny. He had just been thouroughly used by the mischievous feline, the Kuchiki scarf acting as a gag. Body shaking with laughter, he pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, wicked smiles playing against each other.
"I'm not paying for it if it got ruined, Yoruichi. I really won't."
"Like he would notice. I'll get it fixed and returned before he can go looking for it."
Looking into the amber gaze, Kisuke bit his lip in thought. Bending her head so he could nip at her throat, he softly whispered.
"No hurry. He probably won't miss it for a day or so."


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