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Title: Set Time and Date
Rating: NC-17
Fandom/Pairing: Star Trek AOS RPF, Karl/Zach
Warnings: Painplay. Do not read if this isn't your thing.
Notes: Fills the Fucking machines & Painplay square. Pure PWP, no plot here.
Summary: "Have you any idea how beautiful you look, all locked in and immobile?" Karl's voice washed over Zach's back, a tiny shiver racing over his spine.

"Have you any idea how beautiful you look, all locked in and immobile?" Karl's voice washed over Zach's back, a tiny shiver racing over his spine.

Looking up through his lashes, Zach could barely see the stockier man, just standing there, rock hard cock confined in jeans too tight to be legal, arms loosely folded across a muscled chest.
Times like these always made Zach a bit self conscous and he knew that if he wasn't actually padlocked into the metal restraints, firm dildo pushing hard against his prostate and dick secured in a Kali's teeth, he'd make a break for it. As it were, Karl's eyes promised pain and pleasure, and that, paired with the reality of the situation, made sure Zach didn't even wiggle. The small metal spikes were biting into his hard-on, and sweat was beading on his forehead, hands folding into fists as he tried to not make a noise. He knew that Karl loved to cause pain and he gladly took it, the discomfort, the fiery white of sensation, was worth every bit of excertion and planning as he flew higher than he had on any drugs or alcohol, but he would make Karl work for it. Make the Kiwi bring out everything he could come up with, each time making the pleasure more intense than the last.

"Look at me, Zachary. I want you to see what's coming."

Zach didn't realize he had closed his eyes until a warm hand closed around his chin and tilted it up. A small smile played on the now crouching man's lips and before Zach had time to react, the dildo shifted, slowly moving out of his hole and equally slowly thrusting back in. The remote looked almost innocent in Karl's hands. Zach could feel his dick jumping in its steel enclosure, the teeth biting into the tender skin and he couldn't stop the whimper that broke free from his throat. It was instantly rewarded with a hard slap, straight across his cheek.

"Not yet, you don't." Karl's voice didn't raise, didn't lose it's rough edge, and it was hard for the restrained man to hold back a groan, yet he managed somehow.

The pain was quickly turning into Zach's whole world, the fucking machine moving slightly faster, each stroke across his prostate making his dick harder and the teeth biting into it that much sharper. The first blow of the leather strap landed just a fraction after Zach registered its existance, and he sucked in his breath, eyes stinging with sweat. The motion of the machine picked up pace, pleasure and pain interlacing into brilliant light as slap after slap stung his ass and back. He didn't even know he was begging until the motion of the machine stopped and Karl, naked crouched down in front of him again. The ring was cutting off his ejaculation, but the high was still there, just at the outskirts of his pain. So close, so tangible, the only thing keeping him upright was the machine in itself.

"You are so beautiful when you beg, Zachary. The way you sway as the machine takes you. The way you twitch as the leather bites into your skin. Beautiful."

"Please...Karl." Zach skied away a little from the need in his own voice.


"I... the f-feeling... I'm getting numb... and high..."

As if he instinctively knew what Zach tried to say, Karl quickly unhooked him from the machine. Zach cried out once, when the dildo left his used hole, and he saw Karl's abs and dick twitch at the sound. With a whine, he fell over, unable to support his own weight, tears wet on his cheeks, mixing with the thin sheen of sweat. Curled up on the floor, he tried to show the Kiwi as much of his body as possible, but he felt so raw, so needy, that he started shaking with the effort.

"Karl... hurts so good..." The responding growl from the Kiwi grounded Zach for a second. "Close?"


Zach reached down to his abused dick and with a flick unlocked the ring. Adrenaline hit him like a tidal wave, shock after shock of pain rocketing through his system and a howl of absolute agony ripped out of his throat as he blacked out. He was still riding high as he blinked awake, a cool, damp cloth pressing against his skin. Then Karl was curling up against his side, hands caressing soothingly over his sides. The had moved to the couch, and Zach was once again amazed at the bigger man's strength.

"Wow. That... I hope that won't leave lasting damage." Something in the Kiwi's voice was almost apprehensive, and Zach curled against Karl, the adrenaline still burning through his system, making him grin like an idiot.

"If it doesn't, we can just try again."


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