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Title: Flying
Fandom/Pairing: Bleach, Ukitake/Kyouraku
Rating: R
Warnings: Major spoiler alert for Fake Karakura Town/Arrancar Arc!!!
A/N: A friend linked me Apocalyptica feat Gavin Rossdale "End of me" and this little thing possibly exploded in my head. Fills the suspension square for kink-bingo April challenge.

The pain was instantanious and sharper than any bout of illness Jyuushiro had ever experienced. Not even the sharpened end of a zanpakuto could compare to the agony caused by that hand piercing his lungs, his spine arching to remove his body from the boy behind him. Wonderweiss just looked at him as he lost his footing, the ground approaching, those curious eyes burning into his back as Jyuushiro felt life fading away. He heard a faint yell and time seemed to stop as he looked at the town coming closer and closer. Wind whipped in his haori, his hair flowing in white waves around his head. For a ridiculously long moment peace decended on him and he had the urge to just relax into the flow, feeling weightless against the air rushing by. Smiling around the pain, he just had time to think "This is nice" before he hit the ground with a resounding crack, the world breaking into black.

The next thing Ukitake saw was the white washed cieling above his bed. The room smelled of antiseptics and newly washed linen. Fourth division's baracks. His entire body was hurting, breath rasping out of a chest so abused he wondered how he was still alive. His arms burned and shivered with the strain of breathing and he felt the faint taste of blood on his tongue. A violent cough wracked his body and he curled into a fetal position to guard against the pain. Tears streamed down his cheeks and he would have screamed if he had had enough air. Then a soft hand started combing back the white strands from his face, an equally soft cloth whiping the blood from his chin and lips. Jyuushiro just whimpered, still curled in on himself, eyes screwed shut, unable to open. The hand on his face kept gently caressing, fingers moving over his cheek, towards his hairline, a random pattern across his skin.
"Sshh. Try to relax, Jyuushiro-chan. I know it hurts, but Unohana-san will be here soon." Kyouraku Shunsui's voice drifted over his mind, accompanied by the other captain's presence. There was something in that barely controlled power that had Jyuushiro looking up at his friend, eyes taking in the tired lines on the face, the worry etched into the grey eyes looking back.
"You should also be relaxing, Kyouraku-taichou. You took a hard hit yourself."
If he could have moved, Ukitake would have laughed at Shunsui's guilty expression at hearing Unuhana's comment, but another coughing fit rendered him speechless. When he got control back over his body, he rolled over on his back, helped by the other two captains.
"What happened, Unohana-san?" Even to himself he sounded rather pathetic. He sighed in relief as green light streamed from the woman's hands, the pain ebbing away, fading into a muted ache.
"You almost got killed by the child Arrancar, and your friend was hit by that Espada's Cero at point blank range. You are both lucky to be alive."
"What of the others?" Ukitake just smiled as Shunsui asked the question he himself dreaded.
"Everyone is mostly in the clear. Some are still unconcious, but not in danger."

The days after he was released from the fourth division's baracks, Ukitake had a hard time relaxing and concentrating on his work. Most of the pain was gone, but there was a restlessness in his bones that nothing he did could remove, no matter how hard he pushed himself in training or how long he spent contemplating the ripples on the pond or butchering his bonsai trees. He dreamed about the fall almost every night, that moment of peace as he was supended in the air haunting him. Sometimes, the pain of the child Arrancar's hand would be there, but the feeling of bliss as wind rushed him was a constant. And when he woke up, the bliss would shatter and longing would settle in his chest instead. He really shouldn't have been shocked when midday on the 17 th day since Aizen's capture, a steady hand gripped his collar and dragged him under protests to the back of the 8 th division's compound, snickers from lower ranked shinigami silenced by a glare from Kyouraku. Once they reached Shunsui's private rooms, battle roughened hands slammed him up against a wall, warm lips sealing over his own. Responding as well as he could, Jyuushiro took a brief moment to wonder what was going on, then those calloused hands shoved under the layers of clothing covering his shoulders and gently trailed down his scarred chest. Shunsui's forehead rested on Ukitake's shoulder and the larger man started shaking, strong arms slipping around Ukitake's waist to hold him tight.
"I thought I had lost you." The words were barely louder than a whisper, more hot breath than speech. "I saw you fall. I saw him pierce you with his hand and I saw you fall." Shunsui's power suddenly flared around them, all bounds released in an instant, and the sorrow and pain laced in it had Jyuushiro gasp.
"I'm sorry." Not really knowing what to say, it was all the white haired captain could come up with.
"Not your fault." Big hands slowly moved over the pale skin of Ukitake's back, movement restricted by the clothing and the proximity to the wall. "You being distant and unfocused the last weeks is, however, your fault." The soft words took on a harder edge as lips started trailing over Jyuushiro's neck.
Jyuushiro should have known that his long time companion would notice and suddenly, everything came crashing down, a need to talk rising like a tidal wave. He let his own power unleash, matching his fellow captain's, a small thought spared for the poor souls daring to come closer to the building at that moment.
"Can..I need to lay down, Shunsui. Can we?" The white haired captain felt a little proud that his voice hasn't even wavered and a small smile played over his lips as his companion led them to his bedroom and the futon already rolled out there.
Shedding everything except the white kimono and his fundoshi, Ukitake lay down on the futon and snuggled up against the other man, idly playing with the other captain's hair. Shunsui had removed just as much clothing, not bothering to close his own kimono before laying down.
"What is going through that head of yours, Shiro-chan?" Ukitake swatted Kyuuraku's shoulder at the nickname, then rolled onto his back and stared at the beams above them.
"I felt weightless." It was so easy to talk when he didn't have to look at Shunsui.
"When I was falling. I could see the ground. I felt that shattering pain. All the gods know, the pain was... But I felt weightless. Like I was flying."
"You're not making sense."
"Let me explain, then, in terms you would know, Kyouraku-kun." A wicked grin played over Ukitake's lips. "You know that moment when you find sexual release and nothing matters except the high."
"Mhmm." Jyuushiro didn't even flinch as a tongue darted out to lick his ear.
"Falling without being pushed or thrown is something like that. I dream about the moment I was falling, except in my dreams, there is no pain. I keep wondering if I could get that high if I was to jump off the edge of Soukyoku Hill, but I don't feel like dying, so I won't."
Fear raced cold and sharp along his side, making Jyuushiro painfully aware of how his quiet contemplation was affecting his friend. At the final words, the fear turned into solemn worry, and the white haired man just smiled at Shunsui, looking at the other out of the corner of his eyes.
"Jyuushiro. Don't scare me like that."
"It was not my intent to scare you, my friend. Just thinking." He switched to his side, facing Shunsui and started fiddling with the other captain's curling hair. "I am still trying to figure out how to get that peace back, though. Without causing bodily harm to myself or others, of course."
Shunsui had grown still next to him, and the power twining with his own had taken on a mischievous glint that Jyuushiro wasn't entirely sure he liked, but turned him on immensely nonetheless. Then Shunsui jumped to his feet and disappeared with a "I think I have an idea", leaving Ukitake to wonder what had just happened.

Three days later and Ukitake was growing more nervous by the second. He had fallen alseep waiting for Kyouraku to return, waking late the next morning, alone. After getting dressed, he had gone to his own home, cleaned up, and gone to work, more confused than before. Two thousand years, give or take a few decades, and he still couldn't always follow his friend's thinking. Now, that mischievous grin and constant avoidance was making chills of curiousity and something akin to dread mingle with anticipation across his back and he knew he was jumpy. The few times he had ran into Shunsui, the other had excused himself quickly and flash stepped away with a wicked smile.
The squabbling of his third seats just outside the office brought Ukitake back from his thoughts and with a sigh he stood up and opened the door.
"Taichou!!" Kiyone's voice broke in surprise and she took the tinest step back, bringing Sentarou infront of her.
"What is it?" Jyuushiro groaned inwardly at the way the two of them always fought for his attention, but said nothing since they seemed to be having fun.
"I got a message for you, taichou." Sentarou's darker voice boomed in the hallway.
"What do you mean, you have a message? Kyouraku-taicho gave the note to me..."
"I'm holding it now, am I not?"
"Because you took it from me...."
"Enough!" Ukitake's outburst seemed to startle the two and he took a calming breath. "You have a message for me from Kyouraku-taichou?"
"Yes!" Eager hands held out the note and Jyuushiro snatched it with a little more aggression than he'd like. His patience was wearing dangerously thin.
"Begone." He heard the faint sound of flash step as he closed the door and opened the folded note.

Urahara's cave.
Sunset, today.

Just as the last rays painted the cliffside of Soukyoku Hill, Ukitake made his way into the winding path of Urahara's hide-out. Jyuushiro had discovered the cave not long after the blond had made it, but said nothing, since he enjoyed the peace and quiet of the space himself.
As he entered the enormous cave, strong arms circled his waist and sharp teeth bit down on his pulse point. Jyuushiro relaxed into the touch and smiled to himself.
"So tense, Shiro-chan." Shunsui's voice was low, teasing and full of eager anticipation.
"Don't call me that." Ukitake twisted in the hold, turning to kiss the other deeply.
Shunsui returned the kiss, but broke away after just a few short moments, moving over to a sack Jyuushiro hadn't seen before.
"I have something for you, Jyuushiro." With a snap, Shunsui's power released, flooding the cave instantly. The sudden release pushed into Ukitake's chest and he responded by letting go of his own control, smiling as he saw their power braiding together. Then Shunsui was back infront of him, a thin red leather band, with charms similar to Sogyou no Kotowari's hanging from it, in his hand. "Can I put this on you?"
Ukitake just nodded, a thrill of want racing down his spine as the leather choker closed around his neck. Then he cried out as Shunsui's presence completely overpowered him, his legs giving out under the weight. He felt like he was drowning, his own, extremely limited power all that kept him from fainting. Then Shunsui's hand gently removed one of the charms and it was no longer hard to breath, the weight removed significantly. Shaking, Ukitake stood up, resting his weight against the other captain.
"I should have done it the other way around. I'm sorry, Jyuushiro."
"It's fine. Just warn me next time." Ukitake ignored the remorse in Shunsui's voice, focusing on his breathing instead. "What is this?" A hand went up to touch the leather band.
"You said you wanted to feel weightless, so I figured limiting your power would enhance the feeling. I asked Kisuke-kun for help. If you don't want this, all you have to do is tell me to stop."
Shaking his head, the small charms gently bouncing against his throat, Ukitake just smiled.
"I should have known it was one of Urahara's contraptions. So, what's next, Shunsui?"
"Next, I need you to be naked. It will be hard to remove clothing in the next stage." Ukitake narrowed his eyes at the other captain, but Shunsui turned around with a smile. As he began to undress, Jyuushiro could hear muttered words spilling from the brunett's lips, but he couldn't make them out. The last piece of clothing neatly folded on a rock, Jyuushiro turned to look at his friend. Still muttering, Shunsui indicated that he should stand just under the highest part of the cieling.
"Shunsui, you're making me nervous." A hand raised for pause was the only reply as he saw Shunsui remove first his hat, then the pink kimono.
A burning of want and anticipation coursed through Jyuushiro's body at the reality of standing naked, reduced of most his power, while his fellow captain was in full regalia. The smile widened as Kyouraku unsheathed the smaller of his swords, the empty hand raising.
"Ways of Binding four and 37: Crawling rope of the suspended star."
Ukitake felt himself rising into the air as golden wines formed a twisting elipse around him, the anchors of the suspending star shooting out and connecting with the cave walls. If he stretched as far as he could, his toes just touched the largest of the stones beneath him. His gaze shot back up as he heard the unmistakable sound of a zanpakuto starting to gain momentum and braced for impact as the words of the spell reached him. "Way of Destruction 58: Orchid sky."
But the impact never came. Instead the air whipped around him, drowning out all other sounds and suddenly Jyuushiro realized what Shunsui had done. As his hair got caught in the raging wind, the white haired man leaned his head back and closed his eyes, letting the power of the combined techniques wash over him, unable to do anything except float. The peace he had felt when falling came back full force, but no pain or fear marred the sensations. Chest tight with happiness, Ukitake laughed to himself. The power of the demon magic crackled inside the elipse, tingles flying across Ukitake's skin, the weightless sensation burrowing into his head and chest. With the wind howling around him, he really felt like he was flying and didn't register the presence coming closer. He started when a warm hand touched his neck, eyes opening lazily when he recognized Shunsui's power, stretching across the barrier of magic. The other captain was naked as well, skin touching skin in a highly arousing way. The hand moved into his hair, bringing their lips together in a blazing kiss. The mingling of complete peace and the lust he felt for the other man was almost enough to break the moment. In the face of the other's more powerful presence, Jyuushiro felt rather helpless and he leaned back against the binds of the magic, arms opening wide in invitation, an invitation the brunett didn't hesitate to respond to. Their lips crashed together, bodies moving in sync.
"You look like an angel like this, Jyuushiro." The awe in Shunsui's voice brought a blush to Ukitake's cheeks. He really felt nothing like an angel, cock screaming for attention, head buzzing with lust and the whirring of the power around him, and need burning through him.
"Please...Touch me. Shunsui." Jyuushiro couldn't even bring himself to care about the pleading in his voice as one big hand closed around both their cocks, the other tangling in white hair. He arched up into the the embrace, moaning as hot lips kissed every bit of skin they could reach without breaking contact.
His release coiled deep in his gut, abs tightening as he came closer and closer to the edge and as Kyouraku bit down lightly where his neck and shoulder met, Ukitake threw his head back with a short shout, warmth spilling between their bodies. He was flying again, wind whispering around him, weightless oblivion embracing him. He felt warm and safe, no part of his skin touching ground or walls. Just flying.
When he opened his eyes again, he was alone inside the elipse. Shunsui was sitting on a boulder, dressed again, eyes raking hungrily over the white haired captain's naked frame.
"You good now, Jyuushiro?" The words were tinged in amusement, and Ukitake couldn't help but smiling.
"Yeah. Just get me down. I'm good."

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