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Title: So Different
Rating: R-ish
Fandom, Pairing: Stargate:Atlantis, Parrish/Lorne
Disclaimer: Text is mine, characters aren't, nor is the verse.
Notes: Alternative control, reversal of power or percieved power. Written for the KinkBingo January 2011 challenge.
Kinks: bondage (other)
Word count: 2230

Most of the time Evan Lorne was fine with the not-so-much-his-choice celibacy, since alot of his time was spent running from point A to point B, trying really hard to not get shot, stabbed, drained of life, shocked or all of the above. Babysitting planthuggers and herding men and women who had a cleptomaniac's need for touching everything, on the other hand, really had him wishing he was somewhere else entirely, preferably spending his time with someone entertaining or easy on the eyes. His latest pest bending over and displaying a very nice behind didn't exactly help his chain of thought. The scientist in question being male really didn't stop his mind running full speed into trouble either. If hitting on girls wasn't approved of and not worth getting booted from the force for, Lorne had yet to find a male who would be worth it either. Although, his current charge was doing a decent job working his way on to the list.
Light brown hair and blue-grey eyes sparkling in the dim light from the lanterns was captivating, something Lorne did his best to ignore. And those lips, moving so fast, talking about something Lorne couldn't follow even if he wanted to, they looked really nice, made for kissing...and he really needed to get away from this boredom. Sure the guy had alerted them to danger on the planet they'd found Ronon, and sure the guy did look pretty good with shadows playing over his nice form,but...

"Are you quite done soon, Doc?" Lorne was sure the boredom was evident in his voice, but the good doctor seemed to not notice.

"You can't rush science. Really, Major. Have some patience."

Parrish knew he could be easily distracted, his work always enculfing him completely, but ever since they had been on that freaky planet with the dead Wraith, he had started seeing Major Lorne in a completely new light. Not to mention that he had always had a thing for uniforms, though normally it was women wearing them, not darkhaired men with very big automatic rifles. Shaking his head to clear the image, Parrish bit his lip and tried to focus on his work and not the handsome officer in combat boots and leaves in his hair.
He nearly jumped when Lorne's radio crackled and Colonel Sheppard's muffled voice alerting them to the jumper coming to pick them up.

Lorne nearly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the jumper coming in for landing and completely missed the bumbling scientist looking for something. As a result he nearly fell over, trying in vain to prevent Parrish from landing in a graceless heap by his feet. The world seemed to stop as Parrish's hand closed around his wrist and their eyes locked. The air crackled with something Lorne didn't want to touch with a ten foot pole and when Parrish swallowed visibly and his tongue poked out to wet his lips, Lorne shivered and quickly yanked the scientist to his feet, silently ignoring the questioning looks.
There was much scrambling to get all items and samples and a pen had found its way into Lorne's boot of all places and Lorne had rarely been happier to hear his door slip shut behind him when they were finally back in Atlantis. Scientists really had a knack for causing or getting into trouble. Nevermind that his wrist still tingled from where nimble fingers had grabbed him in a surpricingly strong grip or those eyes, searching and haunting, causing him to come harder than he had in years, a single tear of exhaustion and frustration mixing with the mess he'd made on the shower floor.

Three days later, Parrish was of half a mind to try and finish his breakfast, even though the regular chef was on sick leave and the stand-in had managed to create some form of porridge that had his spoon standing just as he left it ten minutes earlier. Besides, he wasn't particularily hungry. A noise from the other side of the room had him look up, and seeing Major Lorne all dressed for duty fired all kinds of things no military man would ever consent to. Finally giving up the battle with the clay like goo on his plate, Parrish tried for a clean getaway, and failed spectacularly as Lorne somehow managed to intercept him. He could feel the clean scent of fabric softener and starch and fabric as he bumped into a very fit front.

"Hey. What's the rush, Doc?" He could feel Lorne's voice reverberating through the fabric and attributed his not moving away to the severe lack of sleep the last two days.

"Sorry. Excuse me, I...have work to do."

Snaking out under a strong arm and ignoring the taunting snickers from the other soldiers, Parrish quickly found his way to his deserted lab. Taking some relaxing breaths, Parrish leaned against a counter, eyes closed, trying to find some form of sure footing. His head was pounding, a stinging pain prickling his eye. He also completely missed the opening of the lab door and Lorne entering.

"Are you alright?"

Spinning around, Parrish hit his hip rather painfully on the counter. Trying not to wince, or breakdown like a child, or do something else stupid, he blinked like an owl at the Major.

"You scared me."

"Sorry. Just wanted to check on you. You seemed distracted."

"I'm fine. It's not like a I'm a valuable part of an offworld team." And where had he picked up those terms?

"Don't kick the science. You might not be carrying guns, but you have saved my butt more than once."

Maybe it was the lack of sleep or the low blood sugar levels or the stabbing headache, but something in Parrish just snapped and before he had time to react, Major Lorne was between him and the wall next to the door, surprise evident in his face.

"Don't try that with me, Major. I'm a botanist, not a medic or mechanic or anything else fancy or helpful. Most of the time I'm either clueless or nearly crying in fear."

"But..." A finger across his lips cut Lorne off, a scent of something tickling his nostrils. The doctor was clearly unstable, but Lorne was pretty sure the slightly smaller man wasn't a threat.

"No. You swagger around in your uniforms, with your guns, traipsing as if you owned the place, while technological discoveries are made all over, majority of which are for civilian use. Not to mention how distracting the uniforms are, especially on handsome men like..."

Lorne could see when the fog cleared in Parrish's head and the scientist went quiet and introverted again. Deciding to tempt his luck, Lorne just put a hand behind Parrish's head and pulled the smaller man in for a hesitant kiss. The moment seemed to drag on forever before lips moved against Lorne's, those beautiful hands smoothing out invisible wrinkles on the uniform, hands so warm against his chest. A low purr resonated from the other man and Evan slowly pulled back and licked his lips. It took a little longer for stormy blue eyes to open and focus on his again, slightly hesitant, as if afraid of rejection.

"Why me, Doc? There are clearly more attractive men here..." The sudden confession made Lorne bite his lip, praying Parrish hadn't noticed.

"I'm not sure. Partly the uniform, rest, I don't know."

"The uniform? This thing?"

"I guess. First I thought it was women in combat gear, but then..."

"Then?" There was a distinct scent of sun warmed dirt and grass in the doc's hair, clearly distracting and should be prohibited around anyone with a libido. Lorne's definately payed notice to it.

"Then there was the planet with the dead Wraith and...well...when you dragged me from the thing, I...wondered what..how it...feel like to..." Parrish's voice seemed more aloof than usual, eyes looking anywhere but on Lorne's face. The words trailed off as Evan began to inhale the earthy scent, nose slowly caressing the pale throat presented to him.

"What what would feel like?" The words were barely louder than a whisper and Parrish felt them against his skin more than heard them. He swallowed thickly and braced for the mother of all rejections. Eyes closing, Parrish leaned in and claimed Evan's lips in a far harsher kiss than before. When no shove or burst of outrage came, Parrish smiled and slowly broke the connection. He planted one hand on each side of Lorne's head, trying for bravado he didn't really feel.

"To strip it off you as you lay on your back, bound buy nothing more than my say so."

Lorne knew he should step away. Knew that he would be in a world of trouble if he was caught, but blue-grey eyes, almost blown black by fear and lust, and the scent of earth and something unfamiliar made him not want to. Curiosity and the feeling of an erection matching his own was clearly winning out, and besides, who would be looking for him in a lab? A shiver raced through him at the possibilities, then...

"Doc, I... would this be...?" It would be hard enough to hide this boundary mishap, yet alone a steady thing.



"Doctor David Parrish. That's my name."

"Oh. OK."

"Let's not talk this into not happening. It's scary as it is."

His arms finally working again, even though the sensible part of his brain had fled the scene, Lorne gently put his hands on David's narrow hips and pulled their groins into contact.

"You said something about control?" Evan's voice dropped to a low growl and he felt the scientist shiver in his arms. Then that iron grip was back on his wrists, Parrish manouvering the both of them so that Lorne was on his back on the floor, the scientist straddling the major's hips. Licking his lips, Evan looked up at his captor, that small smile on the doc's face going straight to Lorne's cock. His arms were locked above his head, weight keeping them in place. Evan was surprised to notice that he actually had a hard time wiggling in the sure grip. The grey in the scientist's eyes was highlighted by a nearby control panel, making the gaze look like steel, and suddenly Lorne realised that this was happening. His entire system flooded with lust and he relaxed against the cold tiles of the floor, eyes falling shut for a second. Then the weight was gone from his hands and he looked up at Parrish, question clear on his face.

"I said I wanted you to be bound by my say so, not by my weight or techniques Teyla taught us." Parrish's noted the surprise in his own voice. Surprise at how easily the soldier had agreed. Suprise at not being thrown away and taunted. "Can you do that, Major?"

"Evan. I think so."

"Great, Evan. Now lay still or I'll walk away."

Then the most torturous minutes of Lorne's life started. He was pretty sure he had been in worse agony before, being tortured on some planet or another, but this wiry, thin scientist with a mouth that should be outlawed and fingers too good at finding triggers made most of them pale in comparison. He was shaking uncontrolably by the time he was naked, the floor no longer cold, his cock swollen and painful, standing at better attention than he had ever done. A part of him wanted to break down and touch the man currently occupied with licking his abs, run his fingers over skin just as revieled as his own, but Parrish's threat of leaving him hanging worked better than any ropes or restraints at keeping him in place.

Kissing his way up muscles toned with years of training, David felt his own control slipping, a need to be touched and find completion burning in his gut. Major Lorne – Evan was more thrilling than he had imagined, even in jerk off sessions in the darkness of his quarters. Stretching out over the soldier's body, Parrish gently started moving his hand along Evan's cock, earning a whimper from the man under him.

"You can move now." Four words whispered into Lorne's ear and the tables turned. A hand on David's member, a strong body pressing him into the floor and it was a race who would finish first. The scientist felt warmth spreading through his veins and he gasped for air as the tension broke, his dick spilling just before his own hand got slick and the man above him tensed, then relaxed heavily on top of him. Before he could complain, the weight relocated to his side and a still sticky hand rested on his chest.

"David. You know that...well..." The hesitancy in Lorne's voice made a ping in Parrish's head and he gently silenced the soldier with one finger.

"Major..eh, Evan. No strings, ok?"

"No?" The relief was evident in the way the major relaxed and Parrish drew an equally relaxed breath.

"No. This was fun, and I'd like to do it again, but it was just sex."

Lorne rose to straddle the scientist's hips, weight supported on his arms on either side of Parrish's head.

"How soon again?"

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