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fic, Gifts from the real world, Bleach, Ikkaku/Yumichika, NC-17

Title: Gifts from the real world.
Fandom/Pairing: Bleach, Ikkaku/Yumichika
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Fills the chastity devices square for the April challenge at kink-bingo. One of my favorite Bleach pairings, and they get too little attention in my opinion.
Summary: Sometimes, just sometimes, Madarame Ikkaku felt like ripping his lover's head off...literary.

It began with a stupid, drunken bet.

Bugs sang around the five of them, Renji trying to sing along with a hysterical laughter cutting every other note or so. Hisagi had already passed out, feet sticking out from under the bush that had softened his fall. Iba was grinning stupidly and Yumichika was poking Hisagi's tabi, a happy smile plastered on the pretty face as he tried to remove the footwear. Suddenly, Iba stared up at the sky, frown knitting his eyebrows together, a confused squinting distorting his grin.
"What?" At Ikkaku's question, Yumichika looked up, one shoe in hand, tabi in the other.
"Was the moon always this bright?" Iba sounded curious, but the question seemed so ridiculous that Renji finally dissolved in laughter, not even attempting to swat at the swarms of bugs spooked by the sound.
"It's the moon, Iba-san. It's supposed to be bright." Yumichika's absentminded respons brought another bought of giggles from the redhead, and subsequently had Hisagi stirring in the bush. Wiggling his toes, the dark haired vice-captain sat up and stared at his feet, as if not really seeing what was wrong. Giggling, the feminin man shot to his feet and jumped out of range when a light flicked on in Hisagi's head, and with a growl the suddenly very much awake man followed.
"Next week's sake says Hisagi will catch him in five minutes." Renji had rolled onto his stomach and watched the two men flash stepping in and out of the dense vegetation, hand waving at his own statement.
"Same says less than three." Ikkaku knew that his lover could move fast, but Shuuhei was usually faster when agitated, and the third seat was sure loosing a shoe to a giggling loon counted as getting agitated.
Apparently, Yumichika had heard him, because the beautiful man stopped dead in his tracks, glaring at Ikkaku, which caused Hisagi to instantly crash into him. A battle of wills ensued, ending up with Hisagi reclaiming his footwear and Yumichika's hair getting full of dead leaves. Still laughing, Yumichika turned to the redhead and gently patted him on the head.
"Guess you'll be paying next week." Renji just groaned, and planted his forehead against his arms.

It was nearly dawn when they stumbled through the street outside the baracks, Hisagi once again unconcious and carried between Renji and Ikkaku, the redhead holding the vice-captain's upper body while Ikkaku was holding onto the legs, unceremoniously dumping their cargo outside the ninth division captain's office. Hisagi just groaned and the last Ikkaku saw of the vice-captain was the dark haired man crawling towards his rooms.

He should have known that Yumichika would be upset with him. Really, he should have known, but he never expected the usually so calm man to react like this. The feminine man was sitting on the edge of a roof, dangling feet just out of Ikkaku's reach, a small key dangling from slim fingers, fingers the warrior knew could be equally swift to pleasure as to combat.
"Yumichika. Please, give me the key."
"Mhmm...no. You apologize first."
"For what?"
"You know damn well what, Ikkaku."
OK, so betting against his fiesty lover had been a very bad move, but it had been such a good idea at the time. He couldn't have guessed what Yumichika had hidden in his room, or that the slimmer man was so good at moving around without waking anyone. He had counted his stars when he woke up the morning...midday... after their sake binge to no threats of pain except his hang-over, and that day had disappeared in a haze of catching up with the paper work and patrols. Being the third seat of Zaraki's division had it's perks as their commander didn't really give a shit about what he did as long as he could fight.
The morning that followed, however, had greeted him with an over-enthustiastic Yumichika ravaging his mouth, slim body grinding deliciously into his own. As the sleepy fog cleared out of his mind, he noticed the restriction to his middle region and groaned as the man on top of him ground into his crotch, the leather biting into his skin, making Ikkaku kiss his lover harder.
The beautiful man just laughed, then sat up across Ikkaku's hips, hand lazily moving across a rock hard member until he came with a soft whine, semen splattering across Ikkaku's chest. The burlier man watched Yumichika get up, still in a slight haze, the leather constriction around his middle starting to become uncomfortable. When Yumichika came back from the bathroom fully dressed, Ikkaku knew something was wrong, and he growled when the fifth seat took off through the back yard of the compound, only leaving a wink and a wicked grin behind. Getting up, cleaning himself off and getting dressed had proved a challenge as leather bit into the top of his cock, the sturdy material preventing any real stimulus. He had taken off, praying to gods he wasn't sure he believed in that nothing would happen while he tried to catch his tormentor. The chase had taken them back and fourth across Seireitei, going as far as his friends once again making bets about if he would catch Yumichika or not. Twice he had side stepped Zaraki as the slim man hid behind their commander, wicked laughter haunting him. Zaraki just lifted an eyebrow the second time and quickly snatched Yachiru out of the way as the two officers barreled past. Their captain's growl hurried Ikkaku's step and the rush had him nearly catch up, when Yumichika had made a turn and taken to the roof. Ikkaku had tried to follow only to discover that the leather bit a bit too painfully into his balls if he tried to jump. Said leather was making funny things to Ikkaku's libido, the shinigami not at all protesting the sensation, but the application. A shiver ran through his body, his confined cock twitching slightly.
"Yumichika. Please. It's starting to hurt." Ikkaku was very much aware of the crowd gathering and quickly closed his mouth.
"Apologize." The reply came in a sing-song voice before Yumichika took one look at the crowd and bolted again.
Growling, Ikkaku ran down the street to the next crossroads, and following the sound of laughter and the swishing of flash step, tracked the other officer to the outskirts on Rukongai, nearly knocking Renji over in the process. He saw a flash of black and orange and looked up at the tree Yumichiki had chosen as vantage point.
Panting and clutching the front of his groin in an attempt to get some sort of friction, groaning when it failed, Ikkaku glared up at the man in the tree, taking a quick moment to think about his options. He had already tried to cut the chastity pants, shred them with magic (that had failed rather spectacularly) and wriggle out of them. He needed that damn key and he was sure Yumickika wouldn't give it to him without an apology, and worst thing was that the slender man probably deserved one as well, even though it had been a joke. Starting to sweat, both from the exersize and lust, Ikkaku bit his upper lip to not grin widely as an idea showed it's head. He would apologize, and make sure his lover would jump him in a second at the same time. Quickly he looked around before starting to strip, layers of fabric pooling on the ground.
"What are you doing, Ikkaku?"
Ikkaku didn't reply. Instead, he sank down until he was sitting on his heels, hands on his knees and eyes trained on the other officer.
"Yumichika. I am sorry I bet against you the other night and I am sorry I doubted your ability to outrun Hisagi. I won't doubt you again." He had to swallow a sound of triumph as he saw the beautiful man slowly slide down to the ground, leaves and twigs breaking under light sandals. Lust burned in the purple eyes, gaze traveling along Ikkaku's tanned skin, making want flare up hot and fast in the third seat's mind. A hot mouth claimed his own and he mouned into the kiss.
"Apology accepted. Now lay back, Ikkaku."
Swiftly doing as he was told, Ikkaku gasped as the lock was released and the sturdy leather belt holding the constricting pants in place was removed. As Yumichika finally removed the leather garment, Ikkaku arched into to the touch, his cock filling immediately.
"Gods...That feels so good."
"You like our little game, Ikkaku?"
"Parts of it."
"So, I should keep the pants."
Ikkaku just growled at the statement, the sound turning into a moan as his member was engulfed in Yumichika's hot mouth.
"Y-yes...keep the pants..."
Feeling as if he'd been hard all day, Ikkaku took a death grip on Yumichika's hair, the only thing preventing him from fucking that mouth raw was the faint threat of teeth the slender man would apply every time he tried. A soft groan reverberated down his member and snapped in his gut as Yumichika shook once, twice and came, the sound sending Ikkaku right over the edge.

Petting the short, black hair bundled on his chest, Ikkaku stared up at the red stripes signaling the setting sun and smiled.
"You are gorgeous when you orgasm, Yumichika." The comment was met with a soft laughter.
"I am always beautiful, but thank you for noticing."
"I was kind of hard not to notice, with my cock restricted like that. Tends to make things it wants stand out."
"You liked it."
"Never said I didn't."