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Title: Wanting
Fandom/Pairing: Bleach, Ikkaku/Yumichika/Renji
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None really
A/N: OK, so I know I have a warped mind, but this one was born from the song "Not Strong Enough" by Apocalyptica feat Doug Robb. Fills the bondage (ankle/wrist restraints) square for kink-bingo's April challenge.

Renji could hear the moment Yumichika returned from patrols, Ikkaku slamming the bedroom door shut just seconds before the other officer stepped into the outer room. Of course, the peace didn't last long, since the beautiful man obviously sensed something was up, and somehow managed to get around the third seat and open the door again. Light flooded the red head's naked skin, high lighting muscles taught from tension, playing over his abs and pecs as Renji sat Indian style on the bed, the only fabric against his skin being a pair of handcrafted leather cuffs around his wrists.
"Surprise." He heard Ikkaku mumble against Yumichika's neck as the slightly taller man had halted, staring.
Renji frowned at the sudden squeal Yumichika let out as Ikkaku was promptly glomped, before the beautiful man shredded his uniform with disturbing ease and speed and pounced onto the bed, lips sealing over Renji's. Hands bound together, there wasn't much Renji could do to fend off the attack and with a wide grin, he found himself knocked into the mattress, lap full of hot man, a mouth ravaging his own. Renji relaxed, arms moving out of the way to rest above his head, and took in the sight of a slightly shocked, stupidly grinning man straddling his hips. Purple eyes traveled up the expanses of lean muscles, tracing the black outlines of the tattoos and fixed on the leather bands connected with a short chain. The leather felt warm, secure, against his wrists, the sense of being captured making heat pool in his groin. Burning eyes blazing across his skin made his cock twitch against Yumichika's ass. The red head felt his grin falter as tanned arms slipped around Yumichika's chest, fingers gently playing with a nipple, causing the lean body to grind softly against his hips, the long expanses of a beautiful neck exposed as Yumichika leaned back against Ikkaku's shoulder.
"Is it like you imagined, Yumichika?" The third seat's deep whisper made something twist in Renji's chest and the need to grab the both of them burned in his hands.
"It's so much better, Ikkaku. Thank you." Renji suddenly felt like an intruder when he heard Yumichika's soft reply, but quickly discarded the notion as two pairs of lust hazed eyes took in his prone frame. Stretching slightly, he felt like he was drowning as long, slender fingers moved down his pecs, then softly caressed up over the insides of his upper arms. Strands of his long, red hair tickled his back, the cuffs moving slightly with each twitch of his arms.
"So gorgeous. Didn't I say he would look gorgeous with black leather cuffs on, Ikkaku?"
Renji lifted an eyebrow at the comment.
"You have been discussing me in cuffs? Now I'm intrig-..."
His words were cut short as Ikkaku's mouth shut him up with a deep kiss, one knee pushing the chain into the mattress.
"It was just...nothing really." The red head nearly didn't catch the words, his friend's tongue doing very wicked things to his mouth. "I asked Ikkaku what he thought about you. He asked what I meant, and I said I'd like to see you wearing nothing but a pair of leather restraints."
The matter-of-fact comment scorched something in Renji's gut, burning him with need and he groaned into the mouth sealed over his own. Then the lips were gone and he looked up in confusion.
"Renji, can you grab the headboard, please?" Again, that sing-song, matter-of-fact tone rattled his libido, and he did what Yumichika asked without thinking. "Good. I want to suck you off, but I don't want your hands in my hair. I want to see your hands cuffed to the headboard."
"Shit...I...Sure, but stop talking. Please." The red head growled, hips thrusting up against the man above him.
"Why?" There was a tingle of hurt in that voice, nearly enough to make Renji feel guilty.
"Because your voice...it's too hot...and...you'll make me come if you keep talking."
A groan brought their attention back to the third man in the room, and Renji quickly shut his eyes as Ikkaku once again bit down on the back of Yumichika's neck. He heard a faint whisper, too soft for him to be able to make out the words and he cried out as hot lips wrapped around his rock hard member. Hands fisted harder around the slats in the head board, leather creaking with the strain and as he opened his eyes, purple eyes, hooded in pleasure, met his gaze. Breath completely froze in his lungs when he saw Ikkaku pressing his hand against Yumichika's ass, the slender man closing his eyes, deep moan vibrating through Renji's groin. He whined as the beautiful lips left his cock and bit his lips at Yumichika's growled "Stop fucking around and fuck me, Ikkaku."
The weight of the cuffs seemed so much heavier than they really were, the soft leather bringing the tingling of nerves to the front of his attention. Hips hitched at a second drawn out moan, and Renji found himself unable to look away from the beautiful purple eyes trained on his wrists. He could see Ikkaku moving in his periferal vision, his world quickly narrowing into the three of them and his release. The chains clinked softly against the headboard with each of Ikkaku's thrusts and Renji felt it clear as ice in winter when Yumichika grew nearer to release, mouth tingtening, the sharp pinch of pain echoing the bite of the cuffs and with a final hitching of his hips, Renji erupted into Yumichika's tight throat. He felt the lips move away through a daze, two differently pitched moans echoing each other, and didn't bother moving until he felt a body curl up against his side, gentle hands bringing his arms down and softly petting the fabric on his wrists. Then a damp cloth moved up his leg, over his left thigh and he grinned, earning him a light swat from the dark haired man.
Ikkaku lay on his back on Renji's other side, gaze following a crack in a support beam.
"You were right, Yumichika. He is gorgeous wearing nothing but a pair of leather cuffs." The musings were rewarded by a pillow to the hairless man's face.


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