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Title: Beautiful
Fandom/Pairing: Bleach, Yoruichi/Uruhara
Rating: R
Warnings: None really. It's kind of dark, though.
A/N: Written to Apocalyptica's "Bittersweet". I wanted something dark-ish and this song just spoke to me. Fills the bondage (locks/chains) square for kink-bingo's April challenge.

The stone is cold against my skin, the chains biting into the tender flesh where they criss-cross my back and upper arms. There is something so soothing in the chill, something so relaxing in the knowledge that you are there to take care of me once I stop fighting the restriction.
Yoruichi. Your amber eyes seem to always see right through me, a knowledge so profound it burns me, lifting my dark, damaged soul from despair.
You were there for me and Tessai as we were cast out, running for our lives, from a world that used to welcome us. Tessai-san would never understand, though. He would never understand my need to feel helpless, crawling my way back to my powers, that first ripple of spirit force as it rakes is claws down my body as your nails bite into my yielding skin.
Yoruichi. Your family's crest dig into my side as I lay curled up on the flagstones of the cell, the moonlight reflecting in silver across me.
The weight of the chains is a constant comfort. I enjoy fighting them, but the arousing feeling of unyielding metal is nothing compared to the glint of steel in your eyes as I surrender to the metal hold.
The first time I shared this wish with you, you asked me why. You saw right through my lie and walked away when I told you I didn't know. Until I confessed my attraction to being helpless, the sensations of cold steel against my heated skin, you kept rejecting me.
You told me then, that your attraction to the scene was unleashing my power again. The knowledge that you held my strength in your hands, your craft bringing me peace. I have seen you black out from the orgasm as you release my spirit force. I have had my own senses overloading as my powers unleash in the moment of sexual release, waking hours later with an aching back and creaking joints.
For you, the turning point is when you know I'll go from helpless to being a captain-class shinigami. For me, it's the weight and chill of your chains, the significance of the restriction, and the first ripple of power.

Finally, the last resistance sparks out and I smile to myself. Air is shifting through the small window, a cool blanket on my heated skin. A shiver make goose bumps appeare on my naked arms, my neglected cock trapped against the stones. I can fall asleep like this, the chains holding me tight, telling me I'm safe. I could, but my own arousal is keeping me sharply aware of everything.
The door makes a sound of protest, the hinges squeaking, as you enter. I look up, the edges of my lips twitching into a serene smile. You crouch in front of me and whipe my bangs away from my forehead, a naked knee touching my equally bare shoulder.
"You are just gorgeous, Kisuke."
"Thank you." My voice is soft to my own ears, nothing left other than the young man I once was, so many decades ago, when I still believed.
"Can you sit up?"
Effortlessly, I slip to my knees, gently resting against my shins. The chains rattle softly, your crest swaying against my side.
"I adore when you are like this. So pliant, but not submissive. Giving." Soft lips touch my own as you sit down in my lap, your wet folds gently touching my cock.
"Yoruichi, you are ruining the mood."
You smile that damned smile of yours as you rise up slightly, letting my cock slip inside your hot core. Air dries my tongue as I gasp, looking into your amber eyes from behind my lashes. A hand curls in my hair as you kiss me deeply, a blush forming across my neck. Slowly, you ride me, each movement making the chains rattle softly, reminding me that I am bound. Safe.
As your movements turn wilder, you reach down behind my back, to the cuffs around my wrists and with a gentle tap they fall away. That first ripple shake my body, it's warmth spreading through my nerves. I throw my head back as my arms circle your shoulders, the weight of the remaining chains holding me in place. I savour each ripple of power as it surges, resting against the steel forged by your hands.
"I love that I can tame this beast that you are, Kisuke. That you give that to me willingly."
A whine rip from my throat at your words. I feel your hand moving to my shoulder, your thrusts against me growing irratic. Tension is ripping through my body, seeking that final release.
I scream as the chains fall away, the instant return of spirit force shredding everything except you and me and our connection. I hear your echoing cry, your body clamping down around me as you find oblivion and with a painful sob I thrust once and my world shatters.

I watch you where you lay next to me, one hand propped behind your head, the other idly petting my hair.

"What is it with you and the chains, Kisuke?"
I just smile and wink at you.
"What is it with you and taming me, Yoruichi?"


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