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Title: The dreams, when they are real
Chapter: one-shot
Pairing: Spock/Kirk, Star Trek AOS
Rating: R-ish
Content notes: Fills the Mind control/amnesia & Sensation Play square.
Summary: Behind the darkness lay such sweet sensation and as the light faded from Kirk's sensory memory, Spock felt the fair man relax.

The blindfold was tight over his face and no sound could slip past the earplugs. Kirk felt at a loss for a moment as his senses were lost to him one by one. The only anchor he had was the feeling of cool sheets against his back and the scent of fabric softener and that strange soap Spock used when the Vulcan had access to it. A chill raced up Jim's back and he had to bite his lip not to panic. The world was narrow, confined to his own head. Every touch made him jump. Every breath carried the scent of the room, yet he couldn't hear or see anything. Cold fingers moved over his skin, a hair's breath away from actually touching, then hot breath would follow in their wake, making goose bumps break out. Not knowing what was happening, combined wiht the exquisite feeling of hot and cold against his skin made something shift in Kirk's mind.
Then cool fingers were touching his face and he grabbed the naked skin of Spock's arm as the void exploded with sensation. In a kaleidoscope of emotions and touch and light he felt the Vulcan's mind blend with his own, Spock's sensations becoming his own and himself sharing everything with his lover. Spock's arousal graced across Jim's own, the Vulcan's confusion a bright beacon in the dark, one which Kirk reached for without hesitation.
The air was cool, soft, in their little world, a tingling notion of something passing through Jim's head.

"This is highly impractical, Captain." The echo of the Vulcan's timbre caressed Jim's cheek.
"And yet you keep coming back." Jim's thoughts were laughing, at ease.
"Perhaps it is curiosity. After all, knowing your commanding officer..."
"Yes, Captain?"
"Shut it and touch me."

Instead of a reply, a wave of pure carnal pleasure washed over Kirk, and it took him a second to realize it was his own. Trying to capture the purple strands of undiluted sensation had him knock Spocks hand away, and the shock of sudden deprivation had him scrambling to see, to hear anything again. Then the fingers were back, along with the press of a lean body against his own. The darkness behind the blind fold faded away into red and purple reality, lights spinning faster, warmth spreading, mingling with Spock's cool, blue-green-white tinted mind. A soothing glacier to Kirk's sandy heat. Brown eyes fixed on blue and Jim could do nothing except let the peace wash over him, Spock laughing, a warm tingling carrying a hint of the small sound the Vulcan would let slip in the moment of release. The darkness was relaxing, carrying Kirk higher and higher until finally he felt the sticky sheets under his back, something cooling on his stomach and a shy set of lips pressed to the spot just under his left ear. No wicked glare of a lamp in his eyes, no beeping to dilute his enjoyment, the human just wrapped an arm around his Vulcan lover and smiled.

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