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Title: Tables turned
Author: me
Chapters: 1
Pairing/Fandom: D'espairsRay, Hizumi/Tsukasa/Zero
Rating: very NC-17
Warning: Double Penetration
Disclaimer: Not mine, and will most likely never be
A/N: Written for the KinkBingo prompt Double Penetration (one hole).

Summary: Pure PWP, do not compute ”summary”. ZD

Sinful, pouty lips pressed to his own, a lithe body moving against his side, and all Tsukasa can do is move along as well as he can, because a second set of hands is holding his down on the bed. Glaring up at Hizumi, the drummer feels his eyes wanting to continue back into his head when Zero's lips close over his straining cock and a pure animal sound is breaking from his throat.

Zero moves his lips down over Tsukasa's cock, taking in as much as he can with each downward movement, applying pressure with his tongue on the upward. One hand is supporting his weight while the other move down to gently cup the drummer's balls, carefully rolling them in his hand. A soft groan make him look up, and almost choke on his mouthful as he sees Hizumi forcefully kissing Tsukasa, messy snogging showing more teeth and tongue than not.

Hizumi meet Zero's gaze, knowing that the lust he sees in the blackness is mirroring his own. Quickly he moves over to sit on Tsukasa's chest, not breaking the lips-to-lips contact for more than a few seconds. A whine of loss tells him that Zero has let the drummer's cock slide from his wet mouth, and so he slides down over Tsukasa's fit body, until their cocks are lined up. Giving an experimental thrust, he groans in sync with the man under him, and it's with will power he didn't knew he possessed that Hizumi sits up and looks down on the body stretched out on the bed.

When the vocalist slides further down his knees, Tsukasa feels a sudden sense of loss, but it's quickly quenched when Zero straddles his hips and bends down for a kiss. A pop of a cap opening gives Tsukasa a moment's notice before Zero's sharp teeth bites into his lower lip and a deep moan vibrates in his mouth. He can guess that whatever Hizumi is doing feels very good from the sounds the bassist is making, and a short, but intense, feeling of jealousy shoots through his chest. Then Zero thrusts into his hip and he forgets about it.

Two fingers are working in and out of Zero's ass and he's thrusting back on the to try and get more, harder, something. Every thrust push his now weeping cock hard into Tsukasa's, earning moans and groans from them both. Two fingers turn into three, and Zero has a hard time focusing on not rutting on the drummer's hip until he comes.

When Zero is moving back on three of his fingers without hitching, Hizumi adds another one, his free hand clenched hard around his cock to stave off his orgasm. Moving four fingers the way he does is making them cramp up, and reluctantly Hizumi removes them and instead rolls a condom over his length and coats it with slick before reach down under the bassist for Tsukasa's cock.
“Zero...rise up a little...ok”

Tsukasa bites his lower lip hard to keep from bucking when Hizumi rolls a condom down his length and quickly coats it with slick. He does buck a little when his cock is lined up at Zero's hole, making his cock head slide in, just past the muscle. Then Zero sits down on him, and Tsukasa is seeing stars.
“Gods...Zero...s-so hot...tight...” Tsukasa whispers as he thrusts up into the welcoming heat.

Zero sits up and slowly rides the drummer for a few thrust, before clenching his teeth and leaning forward, his chest barely brushing Tsukasa's. He whimpers into the drummers ear when two of Hizumi's fingers once again breach him, moving gently along Tsukasa's cock inside him. Clenching down, he groans, then pushes back, telling Hizumi without words to get on with it.

The vocalist removes his fingers again, and with a slow, oh so slow, but steady thrust he bottoms out next to Tsukasa. He feels pleasure clenching his chest in a vice grip and his nails are biting into Zero's skin in an effort to calm down, to move away from the edge.

Being sandwiched between the other two doesn't give Zero much room to move, and he closes his eyes and let's the feeling just rush over him. He feels stretched, caged, and yet the intensity is enough to make him see stars. When the other two begin to move, uncoordinated at first, more in rhythm when they find a way to work, he doesn't even try to stop the noises.
A feeling of safety, of not having to think, of pleasure at being stretched, of his cock rubbing against Tsukasa's abs and Hizumi moving just like that, everything is spiraling into one perfect feeling and it is with a low sob he finally comes over the Tsukasa's stomach and chest, biting down on the neck presented to him.

Zero's clenching muscles set off a chain reaction and when those sharp teeth almost break the skin, Tsukasa thrusts up once, pleasure tightening in his gut, twice, electric currents sharp in his hips, thrice, and he shoots into the rubber with a strangled cry, nails digging into the limp body on top of him.

Hizumi is not far behind, head tipping back as he feels his own orgasm approaching like a tidal wave, and it is with a drawn out whine he topples over the edge.

The three of them lay panting for a while, before Tsukasa starts squirming.

“You're heavy. Get off.”

“Like you're the one to talk.”

“At least I'm on the bottom, Hizu, which is a problem.”

Zero isn't saying anything, endorphines and adrenaline making him smile stupidly. He hisses as Hizumi slips out of him, his ass burning from the strain and he's grateful he doesn't actually have to sit down for a few days. He rolls over with Tsukasa, who's peppering featherlight kisses over his face, and whimper as the drummer slips out as well.

“You did really good, Zero. And you look so hot taking us both like that.” Tsukasa tries to calm the suddenly very cuddly bassist, and sends a grateful look at Hizumi when the vocalist returns with a damp towel.

Hizumi quickly cleans off the other two, dropping the condoms into a trash bag he hurriedly ties close, before slipping under the covers on the other side of the bassist.

Date: 2009-08-25 10:37 pm (UTC)
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awwww cuddly zero <3
Now I will have good dreams XD *crawls into bed*


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